Welcome To The Healing Pod

“Miracles Comes To A Quiet, Calm Mind”

Unlimited Healing 24/7, 365 Days


What Is The Healing Pod?

The Healing Portal is powerful space to restore your sense of balance, achieve mental clarity, release fear and baggages, heal your worries and pain, reduce your anxiety, meditate, connect to God / Holy Divine and bask in the full Healing Radiance of The Source / Universe.

Many people have also asked Nicole to teach Miracle Healing Techniques, but it is not possible to teach everyone around the globe. Combining her 30 years of Spiritual Practice with Psychological knowledge, Nicole has created The Healing Pod so that anyone can access healing anytime, anywhere.


What Does The Healing Pod Do?

The Healing Pod is NOT a music or relaxation tool. It is fundamentally a Healing Space charged with ultra-potent healing energies which you can connect to and heal yourself whenever you want.


What Type Of Energy Does The Healing Pod Has?

The Healing Portal has the PUREST and MOST POTENT healing force in the Universe. It is STRONG yet CALMING, RELAXING, LOVING, WARM and COMPASSIONATE. You will love to bask yourself in the Healing Portal. The energy is so peaceful and joyful, you will be smiling for no reason.


What Can I Do With The Healing Pod?


You can:

  • Get into a meditative state almost immediately

  • Heal depression and pain

  • Release stress and tension

  • Sleep deeply like a baby

  • Let go fear and emotional conflict

  • Heal yourself anytime, anywhere

  • Heal relationships

  • Calm your pets and animal friends

  • Be more creative

  • Recover from surgery and pain

  • Increase confidence and self esteem

  • Increase resilience and optimism

  • Be mentally clearer and stronger

  • Connect to God and Higher Spiritual Forces

  • Establish stronger bonds with God

  • Help others to heal

  • Enhance and heal family ties

  • Reduce anger

  • Forgive and let go

  • Help charities and humane groups *

  • Heal under-previlleged individuals *

  • Please refer to our e-book The Healing Pod, A New Way Of Healing


How Does It Work?

The healing Pod is easy to use. It is a done-for-you healing technique which you can access anytime, anywhere. You will need to log-in to your Healing Pod account and activate the healing energy to flow to you. You can sit, lie down, relax or go for a stroll with the Healing Pod. Many people go to sleep with the Healing Pod.


In A Nut-Shell….


You can use The Healing Pod to heal your family members, partners, relationships, pets, animals, friends, business projects, work relationships, and even difficult people.



When you sign up, you will receive a Personalised Healing Pod account. You can have access to the Healing Portal at anytime of the day, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Register here for unlimited Spiritual Healing from the most powerful pod in the world.