"I am so excited about the Healing Pod. Having been seeking for for many years, I am now able to connect to the Divine Source to receive healing, peace, protection and wisdom all the time, anywhere I want. It is such an amazing concept and it is very affordable. It will revolutionise human existence beyond what the mind can imagine." 

Mel C, 48, Company Manager



"Thank you for The Healing Pod. During the healing,, I felt very calm, relaxed and peaceful. Normally, I have too much thought patterns running in my head but with the Healing Pod, my thought thoughts just disappeared. I felt something has just lifted and my mind is calm and relaxed. My head feels lighter. I definitely need the Healing Pod."

Nora, 56, Wellness Advocate & Coach



"There was a lot of sensation in my legs. The healing just processed by itself and feelings of pain and disappointment just passed. I felt better and more clarity. I also received some bad news from my boss just now and I was upset about it, but strangely I am calm about it after receiving healing from the Healing Pod for 30 mins."  

AJ, 35, Manager



"I am a professional stocks trader. I have known colleagues and people in my field who just collapsed or died while trading. My job is really hazardous to one’s health, but The Healing Pod calms my anxiety and clears my head. I use The Healing Pod in before I trade to center myself. I also use it in the midst of trading when I get too tensed. Anyone who works in high-stress environments needs. The Healing Pod to stay sane. Lastly, The Healing Pod stops my insomnia which I suffered for years. Right now, The Healing Pod gives me a deep, restful sleep. Thank you to Healing Pod for being a life saver."

Budi S, 43, Stocks Trader